Does Your Company Have This Critical Ingredient for Success?

Does your company have this critical ingredient for success?

In all my experience working with organizations big and small, there is one consistent ingredient that is absolutely critical for moving and organization forward and for achieving any type of success.  Without it, organizations spin, miss out on opportunities, and often suffer from poor morale.

When Executive or Leadership teams are not at their best, the organization suffers significantly.

1) Lack of concerted energy and focus to work towards the organization’s goals
2) Negative energy between team members which often funnel down into the organization and leader’s departments
3) It takes longer to make decisions and to implement plans

Now on the flip side, strengthen and align one’s leadership team, and the benefits will start rolling. Some expected and some pleasantly surprising! It is for this reason that I love work that involves aligning the leadership team – and in reality, most of the work I do does.

Where is your leadership team today and where could they be if they were more aligned?