Who Says that More is Better? Or That Large is Better than Small?

Who says that more is better? Or that large is better than small?

I often find myself having conversations with clients around their perceptions that because another company is larger, more established, or has more experience, that they automatically are better. I have found through my work of working with clients in organizations of all sizes, that this is often a false assumption. In fact, in many cases it is just the opposite.  Malcolm Gladwell discusses just this in his book, David and Goliath. He says that the things people conceive of as advantages and disadvantages aren’t always accurate, since disadvantages can become beneficial in certain circumstances while advantages can become hindrances in others.

Ever heard the saying, it’s often better to be a small fish in a big pond? It’s the same idea.

I recently watched the movie, King Richard (great movie by the way), about Serena and Venus Williams and their path to tennis celebrities. Their father along with the girls were determined and through hard work and determination, these girls became world tennis champions. Success often comes from a history of hardship.

I often suggest that my clients look for the opportunity in every situation. It’s so easy to jump to the negative and often the opportunity is well within our grasp.